The history of a territory


Lamoehr was consciously born in the heart of the Marche region, acquiring the know-how and experience of a footwear district that has taken shape since the early nineteenth century and extends for kilometers. The wealth of technical production knowledge combined with innovation give Lamoehr the reins of a path that leaves the creation of footwear in the skilled hands of craftsmanship.

The Fermo-Macerata footwear district is synonymous with high quality production, as is the Lamoehr shoe that aspires to excellence by laying the foundations for a solid knowledge of the footwear industry.

Furthermore, the Marche region is the only area in the world to have the honor of hosting the prized white flower of moehringia papulosa, which, like the Lamoehr accessory, is synonymous with rarity and refinement.


The firm roots of an excellent Marche artisan tradition linked to a common look at the sustainable future allow the creation of a new, original and sophisticated product, designed for a woman with a distinctive character who does not want to be overcome by time, but who wants to leave her mark over time.

Calzature che esprimono Made in Italy dalla lavorazione dei materiali all’estetica. L’originalità dello stile si intreccia all’esperienza di un territorio che da sempre è sinonimo di eccellenza, proponendo non solo una scarpa, ma un’amabile complice per il viaggio da percorrere.