The attachment to the territory of birth, the cooperation with the Marche workers, the progressive and decisive transition to sustainability were the starting point of Lamoehr and are its cornerstones.

Our commitment


Lamoehr was consciously born in the heart of Le Marche territory, acquiring the know-how and experience of a footwear district that took shape since the early nineteenth century. Sustainable footwear that express Made in Italy from the processing of materials to aesthetics.


The heritage of technical production knowledge combined with innovation give Lamoehr the reins of a path that leaves the creation of footwear in the skilled hands of craftsmanship.


The natural products of cherry wood and cork, together with the leather obtained from the use of recycled materials , give a unique particularity to the Lamoehr product.


Lamoehr is also committed through packaging to limit its environmental impact as much as possible. The choice of materials recycled and recyclable allows Lamoehr to offer its customers a complete experience of sustainable luxury.


Lamoehr aims not only at excellence, but also at social sustainability with the desire to favor the work of local businesses. The latter, with their quality workmanship, such as the Offida pillow, contribute to making the luxury accessory great and interesting.


The Fermo-Macerata footwear district is synonymous with high quality productions, as well as the sustainable Lamoehr shoe that aspires to excellence by laying the foundations for a solid knowledge of the footwear industry.